Why Bacon?

In order to understand why I named my company Bacon Marketing it is important to know how I grew up. When I was 8 years old my dad retired as an officer from the US Army out of Ft. Bliss in El Paso, TX and launched his dream of starting a commercial pig farm. He launched this venture across the state line in a town called Chaparral, NM. Oddly enough my house was in NM and my mailbox was in TX. We lived on the state line.

Yep, that’s right, I’m a pig farmer’s son. Over the course of several years this grew into a 10,000 unit swine operation. This was no small time operation. We had a 2,500 square foot feed mill, up to 15 employees at peak times, and were contracted out to Farmer John’s meats in California. Needless to say, we were the meat in Dodger Dogs. But let’s not get started on what is actually in a hot dog.

With a former military officer as a father, it meant for a tough upbringing. But what I realized, as I grew older, is my dad built a successful, solid income business from scratch. The true spirit of an entrepreneur. The ultimate capitalist society at work and my dad made it happen. It’s my turn to create my own venture.

It’s in his honor I am returning to my roots. Now, I am not raising pigs any more, but I am Makin’ Bacon. The start of my company also coincided with the growth of social media so I am also honoring the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon as well.

My goal is to help organizations put the Sizzle into their marketing strategy, social media channels and overall positioning. I want to help companies harness the power of social media to build brands that last. Social media is just a channel. Sound strategy and metrics are still needed.

Makin’ Bacon Rap

I’m the original bacon maker out of New Mexico state.
Started out at the age of eight
I cook MC’s like a pound of bacon
The marketing I do gets customers a rakin’
… More to come..