The Measure of a Man’s Impact

On June 9, 2009, in Inspiration, Personal Branding, by Mike D. Merrill (@mikedmerrill)

The Measure of a Man is measured by the impact he has had on the people around him. This blog post is dedicated my dear friend Scott Schroeder who lost his battle with cancer 5/22/09. I share his 6 key traits that were so impactful.

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Make an Impact vs. an Impression

On April 27, 2009, in Personal Branding, by Mike D. Merrill (@mikedmerrill)

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Rick Rigsby speak and I was very moved by his message. I also thought about how this applies to personal branding and how we represent ourselves on social media. Many of us are consumed by the need to impress others as compared to making an impact in […]

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