The last few weeks have been purely humbling. Last week I was thrilled to participate in an interview on NBC here in DFW. This week, the July 4th edition of Fortune magazine features an interview providing a brief glimpse into my transition from IT sales and marketing to social media and online marketing. I’ve been truly blessed to participate in a cover story with four other dynamic professionals about reinvention.

Who knew getting laid off was the best thing that could have happened to me. Mike Merrill FortuneI’m thankful this process made me realize how rich I truly was. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to help relaunch the Social Media Club in Dallas. I’m thankful for every speaking gig I’ve been able to deliver in and get paid for. Lastly, I’m thankful to apply what I’ve learned over the last few years and my 15 years experience to my role daily at ReachLocal.

The feature story isn’t available online but can be purchased at a nearby bookstore or via Kindle. Make sure it’s the July 4th issue.


  • zaneology

    Rock On Mike D. Merrill!

    Here’s to Bacon, Doing What You Love and Living the Dream That You Didn’t Even Know You Had! 

  • Mike D. Merrill

    Thanks Zane! So True.

  • Bryce Christiansen

    That’s awesome to hear.  I’m going to pick that up for sure.

  • Victoria Harres

    You are on a most excellent adventure my friend. Great to see it happen to such a nice person.  Example: you quit getting coffee at my Starbucks so I could take over the Foursquare mayorship…what a guy 😉

  • Ashley Baxter

    Congrats Mike! Motivation and reminder that following your passion is for sure the way to go in finding a career that you love.

  • DallasAdMan

    Nicely Done pal! You deserve it.

  • Mike D. Merrill

    Thx for the feedback.

  • Mike D. Merrill

    Very true

  • Mike D. Merrill

    If you need me to stop by and visit that Starbucks let me know. Maybe an early morning coffee next week. 

  • DaveCurlee

    I’ll be getting my copy! Very very cool. Proud of ya brother!

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  • Roger Buckley

    Great article… had to go into “hunter” mentality to find it.  Kindle doesn’t offer single issue back issues.  Ultimately, downloaded the Fortune app to my iPad, and I was able to buy the single issue.  The two slides on Job Creation Vs Jobs Lost, as well as the one on Project Work really resonated with me.  It was good to see success stories of folks in our age group who got caught in the 2008/2009 downturn.  Thanks for sharing!

  • Mike D. Merrill

    Thx Roger. Glad you find it.